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Artist Alfred Leyman

Alfred Leyman  (1856-1933) was a Devon born watercolour artist whose works covered many aspects of late 19th century/ early 20th century Devonion rural life.

Alfred Leyman was born September 27th 1856 in Exeter, the only son of John Francis, an artist and later a photographer, and Mary Ann Leyman. He spent much of his early life in Exeter which is where he later met, and married his wife Kate Gauntlett in 1887.

Mr Leyman moved to Honiton in about 1888 and went on to become a teacher of art at Allhallows School, Honiton in 1893, a position he held until his death. 

Leyman did not nationally exhibit his work but did show his paintings locally, at the Annual Devon and Exeter Exhibition held at Elands Art Gallery in 1906 he displayed 16 of his pictures. He concentrated on land and seascapes but was known to have drafted portraits as well as many other scenes from Devonian life as well as a few rare examples of scenery from Dorset and Somerset.

He and his wife Kate had one child called Mary who was born in Honiton in 1887.

Leyman died in Honiton in 1933 aged 76.  Many of these works displayed here in the gallery are of villages and scenes in and around Honiton.

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